Zero Trust Network Access

Duo's Zero Trust solution secures all access across your applications and environment, from any user, device and location. 

Zero Trust Network Access Diagram

Benefits of ZTNA

What is ZTNA?

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a cutting-edge security service designed to provide an ironclad defence against cyber threats. By thoroughly verifying users and carefully granting access to specific applications, ZTNA ensures that only authorised users can enter your network. This is achieved through a combination of identity and context policies, guaranteeing that each access attempt is thoroughly monitored and authenticated.

With Cisco ZTNA, the days of implicit trust are long gone. Instead, this innovative security solution adopts a zero-trust strategy, leaving no room for vulnerability. By restricting network movement and significantly reducing attack surfaces, ZTNA creates an impenetrable shield around your valuable resources. But what sets ZTNA apart is its dedication to minimising risk and fortifying your entire digital infrastructure. By implementing a zero trust solution, you can rest assured that your applications, networks and data are safeguarded from any potential threats. This holistic approach ensures that only those who truly need access are granted the same, preventing any unauthorised lateral movement and keeping your sensitive information secure.

Discover the power of ZTNA today and experience unparalleled peace of mind. Let our robust cybersecurity solution bolster your defences and protect your digital assets from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. Safeguard your business with Orixcom Managed Zero Trust Network Access and rest easy knowing that your applications, networks and data are in the safest of hands.


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