How to get the best performance from your Multi-Cloud environment

How to get the best performance from your Multi-Cloud environment

A Multi Cloud strategy offers businesses much wider choice of both applications and services. As outlined in our previous post, it allows a mix and match approach and enables users to pick the best products to suit their needs. It also prevents onerous lock in agreements that keep customers tied to one vendor thereby providing flexibility where you need it most.

Traditional networking solutions are starting to become obsolete. Slow and expensive, the conventional ways of connecting up in cloud and on premises applications and data are not up to the demands of the fast paced, flexible business needs of today. Cost is also a significant factor. Fixed line, MPLS circuits are far more expensive than modern alternatives.

Whilst a multi cloud approach is almost certainly the strategy that will future proof your business, it is only successful with the right network connections. If you have all your applications and data in the cloud and are still accessing them via the public internet, it is unlikely your business will be realising the full benefits multi-cloud has to offer.


To really take advantage of the vast potential of a multi-cloud approach you need dedicated connections to your cloud environments. If you are using Microsoft applications in the cloud, the most effective way to access these is via Azure. If you’re using AWS, it’s AWS Direct. These connections provide dedicated, direct connections from your network to your cloud applications, bypassing the internet. Not only could this save you money, it’s also more secure as well as providing significant performance improvements.


As we mentioned previously, flexibility is the buzzword of 2020 when it comes to business. With Orixcom connections, you can take short term contracts without tying yourself up for the standard 12 to 18 months as with most providers.

SD-WAN Access

SD-WAN is the next generation of network technology that gives you complete visibility over your traffic. It provides greatly enhanced control over the use of your bandwidth beyond existing QoS network service techniques by allowing you to prioritise traffic by application and therefore optimise the user experience.

The Orixcom SD-WAN product is powered by world leading technology specialists, Cisco. Orixcom implement the best SD-WAN products tailored to the local market by our experts.

Cloud to Cloud routing

If you’ve got a number of applications in different clouds all passing data to each other, Orixcom can provide different options to facilitate your cloud to cloud integrations. Instead of passing sensitive data directly over the internet, direct connections or connections via SD-WAN provide much greater security, performance and flexibility.

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