Cloud services are transforming IT with the Middle East region experiencing a wave of adoption as Enterprises realise the value cloud can deliver. There are many decisions over how best to deploy cloud environments to suit the business needs, and many choices about how to achieve this. Orixcom’s range of solutions can help you make sense of the options and successfully transform your business.

Not sure about Private, Public or Hybrid cloud?

Should my cloud be on premise or in a data centre? Can I move my contact centre to the cloud? Do I need local or international connectivity? With fully secure public, private or hybrid cloud environments within the UAE and other locations, advanced cloud contact centre solutions for fast and flexible customer service, and a range of cloud connectivity options, Orixcom is here to help.

cloud contact


  • An efficient and versatile customer support solution that fits your needs like a glove to optimize your contact centre performance.
  • Providing powerful call flow management and monitoring systems, with state of the art functions wrapped into an intuitive interface to let you focus on your business, you’ll achieve better team motivation and results.



  • The  best cloud solution for your business  won’t work  if your data cannot be efficiently accessed by you or your customers.  But don’t  assume  that there are always cost-effective connectivity choices available.
  • Orixcom’s expert knowledge of  the  available tele-communications  and technology  options will  ensure  that  your  cloud services  are  matched with optimal connectivity.
  • Data solutions include  SD WAN,  MPLS,  IP VPN  and  IP Transit.

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