Why it pays to invest in dedicated Cloud and Multi-Cloud connectivity

Why it pays to invest in dedicated Cloud and Multi-Cloud connectivity

Do you know how much a system outage or IT downtime could cost your business? According to Garter, the average cost of an is IT outage is $5,600 a minute. There are many factors involved in calculating the costs for each business but in a recent ITIC survey, 98% of organisations said a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000. You can probably make rough guess for your own business and it's likely to be serious money.

Businesses are increasingly making use of cloud or multi-cloud IT resources and so being able to access them is critical. If you cannot reach your cloud, you cannot use your cloud. Therefore, any investment you make to minimise connectivity downtime by creating a stable wide area network (WAN) will pay for itself multiple times over.

AWS Direct Connect and Azure ExpressRoute are the ultimate network solution for insuring against low speed and variable latency connections to your Amazon or Microsoft cloud services. For businesses who need to prioritise fast, secure and low-cost cloud access, having private, dedicated cloud multi-cloud connection means guaranteed access to your applications. You're no longer subject to the whims of internet routing which reduces the chance of bottlenecks and unexpected latency increases whilst delivering efficiency gains and lower operating costs.

In a typical hybrid cloud scenario, businesses want to connect their on-prem IT resources, users, offices, data centres and clouds (including AWS and Azure) across a WAN. Investing in Direct Connect and ExpressRoute to improve the connectivity greatly increases overall protection for your business against IT downtime.

AWS Direct Connect network scenario
Azure ExpressRoute network scenario

Why Orixcom?

Orixcom are experts in network and cloud connectivity across the globe. Our focus in the Middle East includes direct links (on-ramps) and trusted partnerships with the global clouds such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Oracle etc. We have extensive knowledge navigating the processes that enable us to connect your networks. Speak to our team today about how o we can make sure your business stays connected, whilst saving you money and reducing cloud outages.