How to fall back in love with your network

How to fall back in love with your network

Do you want more from your connections?

Love is in the air for many at this time of year but we know this isn’t always the case for business owners and their networks.

Sometimes it’s a love hate relationship. You know you need them, you can’t function without them and yet they’re often expensive, slow, inflexible, and connecting all the various parts you now need can give you a headache. Are any of these scenarios familiar to you?  


Your old network is looking increasingly expensive to run, especially as you try to expand your bandwidth and add extra sites. You’d love to reduce costs and maximise usage across all your links.  


Your customers are demanding you to be more flexible and you’re finding it increasingly hard inside your existing network constraints.  


Your organisation is growing and demand from your business units for change is increasing. You’re trying to keep up with your business partners but as they roll out new applications and services your current networks are struggling to handle it. Can you make changes to your network quickly or will it take months?  


Traditionally networks only needed to connect branches, head offices and perhaps your data centre. Now you need to reach multiple cloud services and Saas applications which are all over the world. Your WAN is struggling to cope with the constant changes that are required and the links that are needed.  

If you’re nodding your head at any of these situations, it’s time to start considering SD-WAN for your organisation.  

SD WAN solutions (software defined WAN) are the latest highly efficient technology for Enterprise networks. They provide significant cost savings with secure, flexible and fast business connectivity across the globe.

Our customers are connecting offices, data centres and global clouds such as Microsoft Azure, 365, Amazon Web Services (AWS) with our bespoke SD WAN solutions.

We can provide hybrid WAN connectivity depending on our customers’ needs and locations, utilising the best of all available options, with diverse and protected cable systems routes to create customised solutions.

Speak to us and let us help you rekindle your love for your network.