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UAE Cloud Servers

We believe it's time for fast, flexible and cost effective world-class IT cloud services that stay in the UAE – not in a remote US or European data centre. We also believe that your data in the cloud is precious and should be handled with care and great security.

Using our UAE cloud infrastructure we've developed a full line of powerful UAE Cloud Servers to meet your demanding computing requirements. With flexibility, security and scalability, Orixcom Cloud Servers are designed to handle all requirements from websites to databases and critical applications, running on your choice of operating systems such as Linux or Microsoft. And the best bit is you only pay for what you use - no setup fees, minimum commitment or contracts. What are you waiting for?

Cloud Server Advantages

made in UAE
  • Local cloud services – secure, flexible and powerful
  • Instant sign-up - no complications means you can use your server in minutes
  • Data is in the UAE - our cloud is here and always will be
  • Local support – giving you help when you need it
  • Easy - no setup charges, minimum commitment or contracts
  • Pay As You Go Pricing - replace IT costs with low usage based charges
  • Rapid deployment in minutes instead of days and weeks
  • Provision only the resources you need to control your budget
  • Allows you to scale fast and grow your business

Time To Fast Forward

Orixcom Cloud Servers are changing the market for cloud services in the UAE. Our infrastructure and datacenter is here so your data is always local and secure, with faster performance and great local support. From lowering outgoing monthly costs, to real-time scaling, removing painful hardware costs, to allowing for rapid deployment and faster time to market – Orixcom Cloud Servers let you shift your focus and valuable time from wrestling with IT hardware back to the business of "running your business."

Lower Costs And Less Hassle

Our pricing is simple – Pay As You Use. No setup fees, minimum commitment or painful contracts. Our wide variety of Cloud Servers configurations allow you to optimize your application workloads, quickly scale and flex within your budget, all safe in the knowledge that your services are running on a local cloud infrastructure, run by a world-class local company who believes in and cares a lot about UAE data security.

Scale Up & Down, Whenever You Want

With Orixcom Cloud Servers the headaches disappear. No more worrying about poor performance and capacity issues that affect customer experience. Forget thinking about hardware limitations and costs. With our services you get what you need, when you need it.

Focus On Your Business Not Infrastructure

Your time is best spent running your business - be that websites, managing applications or testing environments. Orixcom Cloud Servers let you shift your focus and valuable time from the data center back to the business of "running your business." We make it easy for you to dedicate your time to developing new products, growing your business and driving revenue.

No Upfront Commitment, Contracts Or Capital Costs

Traditional on-premise infrastructure is expensive, slow, needs installation and configuration, and requires a large upfront capital expense as well as ongoing maintenance and operational costs. With Orixcom Cloud Servers that painful upfront capital expense is replaced with modest metered charges – always within your direct control. Turn off your server and the charges stop. You pay only for what you need, when you need it.

Quicker Deployments Faster Time To Market

Every business has a window of opportunity in which to capitalize. With traditional infrastructure it can take weeks to get a single server "deployment-ready" - costing your business valuable revenue as your competitors reach the market before you do. Orixcom Cloud Servers are available in minutes allowing you to get your new product to market as soon as it's ready. Deploy what you need, when you need it.

Local Support

We know the power of Cloud and we love showing our customers how to leverage it and gain maximum benefit from it. Our support is here and available when you need it – not a time zone away. We understand our UAE customers and will help them every step of the way to the Cloud.

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